Custom Chrome Search for WorkFlowy

To add a custom search engine to the Chrome omnibar to search WorkFlowy globally:

  1. Open Chrome settings and search for "Manage search engines"
  2. Add a new search engine with your keyword of choice (I use just "w")
  3. For the query string, put
  4. Now you can enter the keyword into the omnibox, hit tab, and enter your search query

Install Python 3 on Mac OS X

First, install homebrew if you don't already have it:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Then run:  brew install python3. This will install python3 and pip3. You can then use pip3 to install other Python 3 dependencies.

Setting up a MPI cluster on Ubuntu machines

  1. Bring up your machines and ensure you have SSH access to them. I'm using two Ubuntu 14.04 LTS VMs.
  2. Install MPI on each machine by running sudo apt-get install libcr-dev mpich2 mpich2-doc
  3. Create an MPI user using sudo adduser mpiuser
  4. Log into mpiuser with su - mpiuser
  5. Generate an ssh key for mpiuser: ssh-keygen
  6. Append the newly generated public key (~/.ssh/ to the other machine's ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file
  7. Set up NFS for a shared file system
    1. On one machine:
      1. sudo apt-get install nfs-kernel-server
      2. mkdir mpi_shared
      3. Add /home/mpiuser/mpi_shared *(rw,sync,no_root_squash,no_subtree_check) to /etc/exports
      4. exportfs -a
      5. sudo service nfs-kernel-server restart
    2. On the other:
      1. sudo apt-get install nfs-common
      2. mkdir mpi_shared
      3. Add <other machine hostname>:/home/mpiuser/mpi_shared /home/mpiuser/mpi_shared cloud nfs to /etc/fstab

Lesser known FastMail features

I just discovered a bunch of other things that FastMail can do (besides just hosting my email):
  • DNS server
  • File storage
  • Website host
  • Website redirects
  • Automatic photo galleries from files
  • SMS via email (haven't figured this one out yet)
  • Note-taking (notes sync via IMAP)
  • 2FA with U2F and YubiKey OTP support

Posthaven wish list

These are some features I wish Posthaven had:
  • Two factor authentication
  • Change post permalink after saving
  • Set up custom redirects
  • Password protect individual posts
  • Disqus comments
  • HTML customization/theming
  • Change favicon
  • Manually share posts on publish (currently only allows per-post opt-out of autopost)
  • Additional export formats (e.g. JSON)
  • Render Markdown sent via email

Moving to Posthaven

I've decided to finally move my blog from Jekyll, hosted on GitHub Pages, to Posthaven. None of the existing content will be moved and will continue to reside at the current location. Instead, new posts will be published here, on Posthaven.

Here are the main reasons behind the move to Posthaven:

  • Much less time needs to be spent on website maintenance
  • Posthaven has a great pledge to keep content and links alive
  • Posting by email and web is easier and more flexible than pushing flat files through git
  • Posthaven implements tags and archives better than I do in Jekyll
  • I can use Posthaven to power other sites

I also intend to increase throughput on the blog and on writing in general.


This website will be a very high throughput blog where I can post miscellaneous thoughts (that are too long for Twitter, too short for the blog, and don't belong anywhere else) and get stable permalinks to share them with.